Our centerless grinding services are ideal for shaping and polishing the external surfaces of cylindrical parts. We provide optimal accuracy in our tool, crush, and centerless grinding services with VanNorman and Cincinatti grinders. Manual as well as CNC centerless OD grinding capabilities allow us to grind barstock made from materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Grinding different profiles, angles, and plunges in your barstock is not a problem for us. Our capabilities extend to shaping rods or bars ranging from 1/8″ to 2-1/2″ in diameter. We can grind components to close tolerances of up to 0.0003″. Surface finishes of up to four micro inches can also be achieved. Tool grinding services for sharpening and refurbishing old worn tools are also provided.

We also offer I.D. honing and surface textures can be improved with our Sunnen precision I.D. honing machines. Our ID honing techniques produce precision bores with optimum repeatability in cylindrical components, air bearing spindles.

Baity’s Quality Manual (PDF, 424KB)

  • Specifications

    Materials Commonly Processed

    Stainless Steel
    And Others

    Production Runs

    Long and Short Run Production Jobs

    Maximum OD Grinding Dimension

    2 1/2″ diameter

    Maximum Crush Grinder Dimension

    2 1/2″ diameter

    Honing Diameter

    .060 to 8.00″

    Honing Lengths

    Up to 36″



    Secondary Operations

    Thread Rolling
    Heat Treating


    ISO 9001:2000 Follow ISO Guildelines/ In house gage calibration
    The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Certification from OSHA

    Quality Assurance Processes

    Dimension Testing
    Hardness Testing
    Statistical Process Control

    Industries Served

    Oil & Gas

    Software Used


    Acceptable Drawing and Document File Formats

    And Others

  • Equipment List

    Grinding and Honing Equipment

    (1) – #2 Cincinnati Centerless Grinder (1/8″ to 2-1/2″ diameter)
    (2) – Van Norman Crush Grinder (3/16″ to 2-1/2″ diameter)
    (1) – CNC Dead Thru Grinder (1/8″ to 1-1/4″ capacity)
    (1) – KO Lee Tool Grinder
    (1) – #16 Summit Tool Grinder
    (1) – Sunnen Precision I.D. Honing Machine
    (1) – Sunnen Precision I.D. Eclipse Honing Machine


    (1) – Automatic tubing Cutoff saw Rohbi
    (1) – Automatic tubing Straightener & Cutoff saw (1/2″ capacity)
    (1) – Model C-300 NC automatic (12″ capacity)

    Drill Presses and Drill Press Attachments

    (1) – 18″ Series 24 Dumore Automatic
    (1) – Automatic Drilling Machine (Port Plugs)
    (1) – DS 7518 – Cm Bed Type Gun Drill (3/4″ Drill x 24″ Length) Double Spindle
    (1) – DS 7518 – Cm Bed Type Gun Drill (3/4″ Drill x 24″ Length) Single Spindle
    (1)- Carson Swaging Machine (5/16” – 1/4”)
    (1)- Copper Tube Expanding Machine BCX-3
    (1)- Custom-Built Assembly (Brass Fitting & Knob)
    (1)- Custom-Built Swage & Drilling Machine
    (2) – 22″ Clausing Automatic
    (5) – Multi-spindle drill heads
    (6) – 10″ to 21″ misc. Drill Presses

    Material Handling Equipment

    (1) – 5000# Caterpillar
    (1) – 8000# Toyota Forklift
    (1) – 2200# Internthor Hand Lift

    Quality Control Equipment

    (1) – CMM Machine Mitutoyo # B504B W/Software
    (1) – MicroVu Comparator W/Q16 Computer
    (1) – Rockwell Hardness Tester A,B,C, Scale
    (1) – Rockwell Superficial Hardness